Christ is Risen! Truly risen!

Christ is Risen! Truly risen!

Christ is risen everywhere! Life triumphed! The joy shone! God’s mercy culminated in the crushing of death. Christ is Risen!
Let us have our hope in the Lord! He will not leave anyone! Whoever really wants to be saved, will be saved by a port of salvation!
With the belief that only the word of the Truth of the Lord can show us the right way, we wish you Christ Risen & Happy Birthday!


We remind you that throughout this difficult period we are going through, the our online store ecclesiastical items Evangelidis D. Elias continues to operate normally, executing all orders anywhere in the world.

With respect
Evangelidis D. Elias
General Manager
Tel. +30 (232) 102-8011
Mob. +30 (693) 249-0349
Tel. +61 (388) 205-204 (Australia)
Tel. +1 (646) 844-8310 (United States)

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