4 things to look out for before buying a bell


If you plan to place, complete or change bells in your Temple, pay attention to the following:

1. A good bell depends first on the foundry, the right metal and the right mold.

The casting of the bell should be done carefully and the secret of success is hidden in the right metal and in the right mold. The bells are made with Russian molds and with a suitable alloy of copper and tin that give them great durability and perfect appearance.

2. The sound of the bell depends on its size and weight.

The smaller bells with a few kilos have a thinner sound than the larger bells with more kilos and a heavier sound. There are bells from 2 kg to 5,000 kg that are suitable for use in church bell towers and chapels.

3. A suitable bell system may consist of 3 to 7 bells.

Each bell must have different weights to deliver a different sound. The bells should be highlighted with each other on a musical scale, so that they perfectly combine the sound quality. The blow can be done traditionally with a rope or electronically with pistons.

4. Choose the company that gives you unlimited warranty time.

It is very important company you choose to give you an unlimited warranty period for immediate replacement of bells and alarm systems, as well as the ability to exchange your old or broken – damaged bells with new bells of the same size and weight or different according to your preferences .

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