How we should study the Bible


All over the world they study the Bible with awe, others with research. But there is a way to study the Bible properly to understand its contents.

Bible study steps

First step: I say a prayer

I pray to the Lord to open my mind and heart, to understand his Word, so that the Word of God may be useful in my life. E.g. “Lord Jesus Christ, open my mind and heart so that I can pay attention to your Word and understand it.”

See Luke 45, Acts 14

Second step: I am reading See First Tim. δ΄ 13, Ησαΐας λδ΄ 16

I read carefully the part of the Word I chose, as if it is something very important and I do not want to miss a single word. It is good to note down the unknown words and find them in a good dictionary.

See Α΄ Σαμουήλ γ΄19

Step Three: I Make a Narrative See Hebrews 10:32

I describe in simple words the passage I read from the Word of God. Because the Old Testament has many stories, or narration is particularly useful and rewarding. It helps me realize what I read.

Fourth step: I meditate and study See Psalm α΄ 2

I think about the Words of God and search my Bible and make comparisons, questions and correlations. I watch with interest the sermons of the church that I belong to and I also ask questions in my questions to the church leaders and the brothers and I discuss the Words of God with others. I must be careful, the results of my study must be based on and in accordance with the Word of God. I must know that the Word of God is interpreted by the Word of God itself under the direction of the Holy Spirit. In this way I research, study and meditate on the Word of God.

Step Five: Emphasize and note See Matt. ιγ΄ 52

I underline the most important verses of the text that I read. I also emphasize that it made a special impression on me and touched me. I put question marks in the points that I did not understand. In time, studying the Word of God will enable me to understand verses that were extremely difficult. My Bible is slowly being adorned and I love it more and more. I also try to put a title to the part of the Word of God that I read. For example “the treatment of a paralytic”.

Sixth step: I am reflected in the Word of God.

I put myself in the Word of God. The Word of God has something to say to me personally. I have to get my good portion, the messages it has to give me. I can feel control, encouragement, consolation, building… and more during this process. See James 22-25, 2nd Tim. γ΄16

Seventh step: I memorize.

I learn from the outside some key points or verses that will help me in my Christian path. For example, “in peace I want him to lie down and sleep because You alone, Lord, inhabit me in safety.” If I’m scared at night and can not sleep, this verse will be useful to me.

Last step: Prayer and thanksgiving.

I thank God for what he has given me from his Word and I pray that he will give me grace and strength to apply the words I have read in my life. I do not pray in general, but I pray specifically based on the Words I have studied. E.g. “Lord Jesus Christ, as you helped Peter and brought him out of the cold water, he also helped me, because I too lost faith in the problems that came into my life and I was disappointed. Give me your hand, Lord. ” I pray for specific things in my personal life based on the Words of the Bible that I have studied. These study steps are intended to help you learn to love and study God’s Word. You will soon acquire your own personal Bible study style. All you have to do is start studying and God will enlighten you.

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